Chanel Cornelius

918 Coffee Co Limited

Born in Manchester, Chanel’s passionate about both Business and the Environment. She studied her degree in Business and IT at Manchester University and her passions grew with her. Advancing her education with a Postgraduate Certificate, Chanel went on to run her first company at the age of 24. This business gave her vital contacts within the University of Salford where she was eventually employed and remained until 2009.

Her passion for coffee and the environment were finally allowed to be indulged and she opened 918’s first coffee shop in 2009 with husband and co-founder Justin Cornelius. 918 Coffee Co has since rapidly grown to become a market leader in sustainable coffee production.

918’s ground breaking Coffe-Eco System, invented by Justin Cornelius, incorporates his innovative Eco Roast technology alongside a unique hub for significantly reducing waste in the coffee industry. This system is currently being adopted by a number of large organisations from around the UK. The system has also won numerous awards and been recognised worldwide.

Developing new models for future technology in this industry, 918 Coffee Co is set to change the way we all view coffee waste in the future.

‘Deliciously Responsible Coffee lovingly created by 918 Coffee Co’

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The Coffe-Eco System – The Complete ‘End of Life’ Coffee Solution!

The Coffe-Eco System took nearly 3 years to develop and comprises of 3 parts. Part 1: Eco Roast Technology, Part 2: Disposable PE Lined Cups and Part 3: Valved Coffee Bags. Coffee is the World’s second largest traded commodity, second to Oil. The world consumes approx 2.25 billion cups of coffee everyday! Approximately 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds waste sent to landfill each year in the UK alone! 53.6m lbs of C02 produced by 500 Billion Cups each Year! Still think your paper cup is being recycled? Think again ... less than 2% are recycled! A solution is needed. The 918 Coffe-Eco System is that closed loop solution!