Jonathon Jones

Tregothnan Trading

Jonathon is now known as the ‘business botanist’ for his green fingers and experience in both botany and business, creating the most British tea in history. He serves on a number of boards in the UK including Plimsoll Publishing, the world leader in business intelligence. He was voted in the top ten influential business leaders of Cornwall, from where Tregothnan has its international H

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Be prepared for the explosion in luxury tea sales. Get the best training for everyone involved in taking the tea leaf from bush to cup. Jonathon Jones is MD of Tregothnan Trading and famous for pioneering the first home-grown tea company. He was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to study tea which took him across the world to research the Worlds’ number one drink. His vision for the next decade is to deliver even more excitement and satisfaction than coffee has done in the past two decades. Jonathon will be speaking next in Shanghai, Tokyo and the USA and frequently appears on Television.