15 & 16
OCT 2024

Why Exhibit?

More than 3,000 visitors

Over two days, 3,000 coffee shop owners, restaurateurs and hospitality professionals will pour through the show doors with the sole intention of looking to boost their profits and finding the latest innovations. To do so, they will be looking to form long-lasting relationships with innovative organisations and suppliers, and that’s where you come in.

Gain exposure

As an exhibitor, you will gain exposure to each and every one of our pre-qualified visitors, all of whom are looking to find the latest products and solutions. By placing yourself in front of these buyers, you have the chance to pitch them first-hand, fully demo your product and achieve a direct line to market, all in one place.

Pre qualified attendees

The Cafe Business Expo only invites pre-qualified attendees, meaning that only those with decision-making powers, or at a bare minimum with buying influence, will be in attendance. From independent coffee shops to internationally known chains, the Cafe Business Expo provides a base for all those in the industry to learn and improve their business.

  • 78%

    of visitors are owners/directors

  • Over 83%

    of visitors have purchasing authority

  • Over 85%

    of visitors attend to try, test and buy the latest innovations in the industry

The power ofFace to Face

Crowd of people

Face to Face Selling is considered the cornerstone of sales. In fact, 95% of people believe that face to face interactions and sales are essential for successful long-term business and client relationships. Here at the Cafe Business Expo, our philosophy and belief is that people respond to people.

We provide the perfect place in which to meet clients and facilitate business, whilst also providing educational and thought-provoking seminars and panel debate. This is because our show allows you to get up close and personal with over 15,000 potential clients and pre-qualified business leads, all have been selected by the organiser, and they have chosen to attend.


“Wow - it was great to have two packed sessions at the Coffee Shop Expo over the last two days - great to see that there are loads of people following their dream to #startupacoffeeshop”

Cafe Success (2022)
  • “These amazing two days at the @CoffeeShopExpo are over. We met great people, saw a lot of amazing technologies, our CEO Andrey Podgornov shared different insights during his session. Thank you all, thank you #ExCelLondon! See you around!”

    Qvalon (2021)

  • “The event was such an interesting event talking to so many different cafes and catering companies both old new. It was truly humbling and encouraging for a new environmental startup like mine to receive so much interest and support from the coffee shop establishment. I made many lasting connections from the sustainability trail and look forward to the next exhibition in 2020.”

    OneCup (2019)

  • “Thank you Café Business Expo for hosting us at their wonderful conference. It was a great opportunity to showcase how businesses can work together with community partners and the impact the Well Grounded CIC programmes have had on recruiting new talent for the industry.”

    Well Grounded CIC, (2023)

  • “Delighted to be one of the Keynote Speakers at the Coffee Shop Expo today. Lots of great discussion after the session too with so many people. Really interesting to hear you share our passion around evolving the nutrition and sustainability agendas too”

    Costa Coffee (2022)

  • “Thank you so much, truly humbled to win the award. A big thank you for putting on such a great expo, one I would highly recommend to businesses who are looking to grow their network & brand.”

    ASK Packaging (2021)

  • “We are really enjoying ourselves here at the @CoffeeShopExpo It's a great event for all things COFFEE ☕️ as well as meeting potential clients”

    Coffee Link (2019)

  • “I enjoyed my time at the incredible event and think that you and your team did a fantastic job! I actually made some new friends and contacts at the show which was a real plus. I was very impressed with the dedication of so many designers and creatives to pursue their passions and dreams. I am looking forward to seeing how these brands develop over the coming years.”

    Black Sheep Coffee (2018)

Call or email if you supply any retail services, equipment, or products in connection with the following areas:

  • Food wholesale
  • Menu planning
  • Health & safety
  • Food standards agency
  • Restaurant furniture
  • Food preparation
  • Catering equipment
  • Automatic ordering services
  • Food social media experts
  • Mobile/event catering
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Corporate catering
  • Franchising
  • Building rentals
  • Uniform
  • Labelling
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Printers
  • PR specialists
  • Food suppliers
  • Accounting
  • Food packaging
  • Food branding specialists
  • Food marketing experts
  • Website designers
  • Cooking utensils
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Land rental
  • Catering business consultants
  • Catering regulatory organisations
  • Any other business within the catering sector

Who will you meet?

  • Coffee Shop Owners
  • Cafe Owners
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Head of IT
  • F&B Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Store Owners
  • Head of Business Development


Alternatively, please contact us on Tel: 0117 457 8784 or email at enquiries.cbe@fortem-international.com


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