15 & 16
OCT 2024

Why Exhibit?

Thousands of Opportunities

Our event welcomes thousands of cafe industry professionals through its doors every year – each representing an opportunity for you! By setting up your booth, You’ll be positioned in the world’s liveliest B2B coffee and cafe marketplace, interacting directly with your core audience nonstop for two days!

Brew Up Industry Buzz

It’s hard to stake your claim in the highly competitive cafe market – this event allows you to establish yourself actively among your peers. In this lively B2B marketplace, you’ll meet buyers and fellow exhibitors alike, able to leave a positive impression on the industry. Use your time here to help build the brand story your company deserves.

Pre-Qualified Attendees

Attendees to our shows have real decision-making power. Our pre-qualification process guarantees exhibitors visitors with genuine purchasing authority, whether coffee buyers, cafe owners, or catering professionals. We reach out to professionals across the cafe industry, all eager to source specialty coffee beans, advanced machines, and everything in between!

  • 78%

    of visitors are owners/directors

  • Over 83%

    of visitors have purchasing authority

  • Over 85%

    of visitors attend to try, test and buy the latest innovations in the industry

The power ofFace to Face

Crowd of people

The world is becoming more digitally connected every day, but no form of online communication compares to an in-person meeting. People form business relationships and partnerships based on trust and mutual respect when they take place in person. Your product might be amazing, but you can only truly sell yourself face-to-face.

We make these meetings happen naturally.

Here, you’ll be surrounded by cafe professionals in their thousands, making it the perfect place to meet sales prospects and collaborators alike. Put your best foot forward in these meetings, shake hands, and show the industry who you are!

Never doubt the power of in-person communication!


“Wow - it was great to have two packed sessions at the Coffee Shop Expo over the last two days - great to see that there are loads of people following their dream to #startupacoffeeshop”

Cafe Success (2022)
  • “These amazing two days at the @CoffeeShopExpo are over. We met great people, saw a lot of amazing technologies, our CEO Andrey Podgornov shared different insights during his session. Thank you all, thank you #ExCelLondon! See you around!”

    Qvalon (2021)

  • “The event was such an interesting event talking to so many different cafes and catering companies both old new. It was truly humbling and encouraging for a new environmental startup like mine to receive so much interest and support from the coffee shop establishment. I made many lasting connections from the sustainability trail and look forward to the next exhibition in 2020.”

    OneCup (2019)

  • “Thank you Café Business Expo for hosting us at their wonderful conference. It was a great opportunity to showcase how businesses can work together with community partners and the impact the Well Grounded CIC programmes have had on recruiting new talent for the industry.”

    Well Grounded CIC, (2023)

  • “Delighted to be one of the Keynote Speakers at the Coffee Shop Expo today. Lots of great discussion after the session too with so many people. Really interesting to hear you share our passion around evolving the nutrition and sustainability agendas too”

    Costa Coffee (2022)

  • “Thank you so much, truly humbled to win the award. A big thank you for putting on such a great expo, one I would highly recommend to businesses who are looking to grow their network & brand.”

    ASK Packaging (2021)

  • “We are really enjoying ourselves here at the @CoffeeShopExpo It's a great event for all things COFFEE ☕️ as well as meeting potential clients”

    Coffee Link (2019)

  • “I enjoyed my time at the incredible event and think that you and your team did a fantastic job! I actually made some new friends and contacts at the show which was a real plus. I was very impressed with the dedication of so many designers and creatives to pursue their passions and dreams. I am looking forward to seeing how these brands develop over the coming years.”

    Black Sheep Coffee (2018)

Call or email if you supply any retail services, equipment, or products in connection with the following areas:

  • Food wholesale
  • Menu planning
  • Health & safety
  • Food standards agency
  • Restaurant furniture
  • Food preparation
  • Catering equipment
  • Automatic ordering services
  • Food social media experts
  • Mobile/event catering
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Corporate catering
  • Franchising
  • Building rentals
  • Uniform
  • Labelling
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Printers
  • PR specialists
  • Food suppliers
  • Accounting
  • Food packaging
  • Food branding specialists
  • Food marketing experts
  • Website designers
  • Cooking utensils
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Land rental
  • Catering business consultants
  • Catering regulatory organisations
  • Any other business within the catering sector

Who will you meet?

  • Coffee Shop Owners
  • Cafe Owners
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Head of IT
  • F&B Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Store Owners
  • Head of Business Development


Alternatively, please contact us on Tel: 0117 457 8784 or email at enquiries.cbe@fortem-international.com


Our exhibitors can benefit from a range of crafted marketing materials, rolled out to ensure maximum attention to your booth. Get to know our marketing offerings below.

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