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OCT 2024

Paris Rhône

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The Paris-Rhône story began in 1915 in France. Today, over 100 years have passed, and Paris-Rhône remains focused on the accumulation and application of electrical technology.

Since its establishment, Paris-Rhône has been committed to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced products to our customers around the world. It has served as a supplier to companies such as Bellaire, Renault, and Citroën. In 1925, Paris-Rhône launched the vacuum cleaner brand Aspiron, which was the first brand to produce vacuum cleaners at that time. We are proud to lead the way in designing smart, easy-to-use, high-quality home appliances with the future in mind.

Paris-Rhône has grown over the decades, consistently evolving with new technical advances to improve electrical appliance production, product design, and brand influence development. In the 1980s, Paris-Rhône held more than 20% of the French market in the production and sales of household appliances, with a particular focus on vacuum cleaners. Owning a Paris-Rhône product gradually became one of the symbols of a successful life in France.

There are three sub-brands under Paris-Rhône: Evatronic, Aspiron, and Sympa. These sub-brands are experts in their respective product categories, covering a diverse range of products including air-quality appliances, cleaning appliances, kitchen appliances, audio equipment, and other household appliances. With a century of expertise in meaningful innovation and industry-leading design, we take pride in our Parisian heritage. Today, Paris-Rhône enjoys a worldwide reputation for creating exceptional smart home appliances that add value to people's lives.

Email: marketing@parisrhone.com

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