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OCT 2024

PetitSquares Limited

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PetitSquares, home of "The Matcha Yaad" is your one stop shop for all things Matcha! We bring together the vibrancy of the Jamaican culture and the intricacy of the Japanese culture in the form of Bold, Innovative and Exciting Matcha based products. We are where flavor meets function. Tea is no longer just an afternoon beverage it is Functional, Dynamic and Healthy. We are your perfect Matcha.

For those who are unfamiliar with Matcha- matcha is green tea leaves finely grounded into a nutrient rich powder. It is a natural source of energy, has been proven to boost alertness, concentration and is packed with amazing antioxidants. You may add Matcha to your favourite smoothies, drinks, dessert or even have it with just water. Visit our website to order or learn more about this fantastic superfood!

Tel: 0793 666 1906

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