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OCT 2024

King Cod Case Study

ASG EPoS was approached by a fish & chip shop/takeaway business in a busy town centre. The business was facing several issues with their existing POS system, including frequent crashes, slow processing times, and difficulty in managing their inventory. The business owners needed a reliable system that could help them manage their operations more efficiently, improve their customer experience, and increase their revenue. We consulted with the business owners to understand their pain points and tailored our solution to address their issues.


The existing system used by the business was outdated and unreliable. It frequently crashed during peak hours, leading to long wait times for customers and lost sales for the business. Additionally, the system was difficult to use, making it challenging for the staff to manage orders effectively. The business owners were looking for a solution that could help them streamline their operations, reduce errors, and provide a better experience for their customers.


After analysing the business's requirements, our team recommended a tailored solution that met their needs. This solution included hardware, software, and support services, all tailored to improve the business's operations and customer experience.


We installed a new system that included a touchscreen monitor, receipt printer, cash drawer, card reader, display screen, post code look up. The new hardware was more reliable and faster than the previous system, providing the business with a more efficient and streamlined checkout experience. Is easy to use, has integrated card payments. reducing errors in order taking and enabling the business to process orders more efficiently. 


We also provided the business with a new software system that was tailored to their needs. The software included inventory management, order tracking, and reporting, enabling the business to manage their operations more effectively. The software is intuitive and easy to use, reducing training times for staff and allowing them to focus on providing a better customer experience. Another key feature was the ability to integrate takeaway services (JustEat, UberEats & Deliveroo) as well as providing their own online ordering with no commission fees.

Support services:

In addition to the hardware and software installation, we provided ongoing 24/7 support services to the business. Along with training and support to the business owners and staff. 


  • business have seen several positive results.
  • Reliability
  • Faster order processing
  • Inventory Management, reducing waste and reducing stock holdings.
  • Accurate margin reports
  • The reporting feature provided insights into the business's performance, allowing the owners to make informed decisions about their operations.
  • Upgrade path to self-service kiosk


We have provided a tailored solution that met the unique requirements of the business. They have found the system to be reliable, efficient, and easy to use, providing a better customer experience, improving their operations. The ongoing support services ensured that the business owners and staff were always supported and able to get assistance quickly if needed. Overall, the new system helped the business increase their revenue, reduce waste, and streamline their operations.

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