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OCT 2024

Introducing Sinum – Univest: your original fast food packaging

Univest-Sinum Company is the European manufacturer of fast food packaging and coffee cups.

The production complex with logistic center is located on the territory of 4 ha in Ukraine. The industrial complex with its area of 19 000 m2 includes manufacturing shops, warehouses and office premises.

Direct supply of raw materials, modern equipment, and 30 years of experience provide optimal conditions for cooperation with our Clients in Europe. Technical base of the manufacturing enables us to comply with actual market demand, customer’s request and environmental protection.That’s why we always implement new solutions and offer the closed cycle economy paradigm supported by professionals of our team.

We produce eco-friendly disposable paper tableware, providing consumers with safe packaging for delivery services, fast food cafés, vending companies, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and cinemas.

In the manufacturing process, we employ all available cardboard processing technologies, from printing to molding finished products. Our assortment includes cups for hot drinks, lids for cups, salad and soup bowls, buckets for popcorn and ice-cream, burger boxes, noodle boxes, plates, trays and other accessories for fast food packaging. 

Unlike traditional plastics, which contribute to pollution and harm ecosystems, our packaging is made also from renewable resources and are biodegradable. We have all the necessary international certificates for food safety.

Univest-Sinum is committed to providing flexibility and high-quality packaging that meet the needs of our customers. Among our advantages there are: 

Production of the individual designed packaging within 21 days from the date of order

Delivery in 5-6 days

30 years of experience

24/7 of closed production cycle 

19 000 m2 – production area  

12 000 m2 – type A warehouses

50 mln cups/per month

17 mln lids /per month 

Ecological certified packaging solutions 


We are excited to continue serving the European market and we look forward to building new relationships and partnerships in the years to come. 

The team Univest-Sinum been working hard behind the scenes to the show we all love and know, and we are prouder to introduce you full potential of the cooperation, and reflecting our aims of providing a platform for the street food, HoReCa and catering industry.


Univest-Sinum: Experts in packaging solutions with care about people and environment!

Whether you are looking for packaging innovations and solutions that will help you boost your profits, please, contact us:

07473001718 / 07463444949

SinumUK LTD, 5 Red Kite View, Buckingham, MK18 2FX 




Join us as our Customer, Supplier or Partner! 

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