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OCT 2024

Choose plastic free with Xampla – High performance natural materials


Xampla are experts in plastic free high-performance drop-in materials that put the power to do good in everyone’s hands. Backed by 15 years of research from the University of Cambridge, the U.K. B-Corp believes in a world where we can all live without harming the planet. Join us at Responsible Packaging Expo, Stand W31, to hear exciting news from the Xampla team and learn more about our ground-breaking material.

Made from plants with no chemical crosslinking, Xampla’s material is 100% biodegradable and returns back to nature after use, biodegrading completely in all different end of life scenarios. A drop-in solution for industry, Xampla offers its global partners innovative solutions to replace plastic and deliver new product formats.

Working with existing machinery and manufacturing processes, Xampla’s material provides exceptional performance, high-strength and excellent oxygen barriers, but decomposes fully  - acting just like the plants it’s made from.

The functional material can create a range of products, such as flexible films and paper coatings. These high-volume commercial applications can be delivered across food, drink, packaging and within home and personal care products, with partners of all shapes and sizes  - from the biggest multinational companies to start-ups.


Working with meal kit provider, Gousto, Xampla created the world’s-first edible stock cube wrapper. This breakthrough innovation enables brands to replace plastic, whilst offering consumers a unique experience: packaging they can eat!

For Gousto alone, the market potential of this material is huge, replacing not just stock cube wrappings but all plastic films within their recipe boxes. Xampla’s innovative technology could remove 15.6 tonnes of plastic per year from Gousto boxes alone.

Head of Business Development, Stanley Mitchell will be at Responsible Packaging Expo discussing Xampla’s world-first innovation with Gousto and its endless possibilities to combat plastic pollution at 14:00 on Tuesday 10th October during ‘Packaging good enough to eat.


Xampla will also be showcasing its biodegradable coatings at Responsible Packaging Expo. A replacement for current petrochemical-based or fluorochemical materials, Xampla’s coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates and tailored for use with a range of goods to eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels and avoid the environmental release of synthetic polymers. These natural coatings can be easily solubilised and removed during the repulping processes, improving the recyclability of coating paperboard packaging.

Learn more about Xampla’s coatings on Wednesday 11th October at 14:45 when Stanely Mitchell presents ‘Paper, but better – high performance natural coatings’ on the benefits of this sustainable packaging solution.


Don’t miss Xampla at Responsible Packaging Expo at stand W31.

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