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OCT 2024

NCASS: Striving to help independent businesses succeed

The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) are proud to be a main partner for the Street Food Business Expo. As a membership body for independent food and drink businesses, we aim to help make life easier for our members. Our mission is to help our members succeed by providing the products, services and support necessary for their businesses to thrive. This includes help with the legalities of running your own business, assistance with matters of compliance and providing advice, support and guidance wherever it is needed.

From associations across the food and events sector to festivals, Government bodies and Street Food collectives, we are part of a network that works together with one aim in mind – to support our sector. We recognise the importance and the quality of the independent hospitality sector in the UK, what it offers to the economy and the public, and that owning an independent business can be tough. That’s why everything we do at NCASS is designed to make the day to day running of catering businesses that bit easier.

We’re constantly looking to increase the value our membership offers and campaigning on their behalf. We have a wide range of partnership deals designed with members in mind where they can save money, access expert advice from those within the sector and work with reputable companies. Our partnerships offer exclusive deals that make it’s easy for membership to pay for itself.

We are passionate about helping people save the time to do the things they enjoy, such as cooking and sharing their great food and reaping the rewards of being a part of the incredible NCASS community.

The best way to get to know our members is through our Member Spotlight interviews – we wanted to share Jamon Jamon with you because they are a business we have supported for a long time and are so proud of their story:

Longevity is no easy feat in the world of hospitality, so it is a real testament of success that Nick Friedman has been in business as Jamon Jamon for nearly two decades. Nick arrived in the UK as an immigrant from South Africa, without much prior cooking experience and out of necessity an opportunity to sell food on street markets opened up. Initially offering Spanish ham and cheese products, he had to pivot a couple of times before landing with paella and really finding his feet. Not only did he create and sustain success with Jamon Jamon, but he is also founder of another successful catering business in Deluxe Dogs.

Nick has gone from strength to strength, been part of the street food rise in recent decades, seen it all in the sector and we are delighted to have him joining us as a speaker at the Street Food Business Expo this year. The key ingredients to his journey? Incredibly hard work, imaginative thinking and genuine enthusiasm.

You can read more about Jamon Jamon here: Jamon Jamon: A Testament to Longevity - NCASS

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