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OCT 2024

World energy crisis, Ukraine war and food inflation drives a need for change from traditional ways in foodservice

Fast Food Professional magazine is published bi-monthly and is continually seeking to encourage readers with innovative, inspirational and aspirational content written by leading - high profile operators and suppliers.

We want to encourage people to think about how they can make their businesses resilient to the changes and pressures of today’s world and those in the future.

The Restaurant and Takeaway sectors need to continually evolve, whether it be with the use of new technology such as induction to effectively reduce the use of fossil fuels going forward, as Hopkins are doing with their Induction frying ranges at the Village Fish Shop at Shadwell near Leeds.

Suppliers and operators are working hard on menu and recipe development to bring new tastes and flavours to the range and to make menus and dishes great value-for-money. We also encourage our readers to tell us about new ways of working that they are developing to make sure that they can optimise the opportunities in the future.

It doesn’t seem long ago when many businesses traded only on a cash basis, but we continually report now on the development of electronic payments and pre-order and delivery systems.

We report on trade body and industry news and trends and about businesses large and small and how they deal with the challenges that they face.

In our August/September issue we are highlighting the plight of a small brother-and-sister run seaside café business called "Seapot" in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight where coastal erosion, driven by global warming, has destroyed the coastal pathway that brings a great number of their customers who walk the coastal path.

We work with a number of high profile partners in every issue to make sure that our readers are aware of the latest development sand offers available to them.

As well as our hard printed and digital copies of Fast Food Professional magazine, we also send out many bespoke eShots to our digital database when suppliers want to get a specific message out to our readers on a timely basis.

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