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OCT 2024

The Green Earth Appeal

It's the give a man a tree principle!

The Green Earth Appeal is the award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise which is changing the lives of some of the planets poorest communities through the planting of fruit trees.

In 2009 The Green Earth Appeal became one of only 61 worldwide tree planting partners of the United Nations' Environment Billion Tree Campaign. Since 1989 the campaign has worked across the globe planting over 15 billion life-changing trees.

To date, The Green Earth Appeal has planted over 500,000 fruit-trees with the help of partners across the globe. In 2019 they anticipate planting 1 million life-changing fruit trees in the developing world. Trees which provide education, income and food to communities which are living in abject poverty.

The trees provide communities with food, fodder for their animals and a reliable income, reducing the reliance on foreign aid. By educating people on the best way to use their land, no longer will families need to stand at the back of aid trucks begging for food. It's the give a man a fish principle, we provide them with everything they need for a sustainable life.

Find out how you can become a partner and create a sustainable life for communities across the globe.

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