15 & 16
OCT 2024

EP Business in Hospitality

EP Business in Hospitality has long been known for its thought leadership and championing of a progressive agenda. We publish articles daily and host around 50 events per year which bring together senior industry leaders to discuss the major topics of the day. It has long been our belief that knowledge share brings the industry together to help support the development of new ideas
and innovation within companies and across the industry.

EP works closely on several major initiatives which include:

• The need to support the development of new talent and emerging leaders. Supporting the development of emerging talent has long been a central pillar for EP.
• Similarly, EP often works alongside innovators and entrepreneurs as they seek to build their businesses. These include new hotel concepts, new digital and tech innovation, new services, and products.
• EP has long promoted the importance that food service does play in daily business, schools, universities and in hospitals. How can the sector be more progressive in its thinking?
• EP has been a strong advocate on the importance that great service plays for Hospitality.
• Sustainability/ESG has become a central pillar for all. Can we bring experts together to share new ideas and thinking?

Our aim is to engage and promote new thinking and ideas which support the evolution of the industry.

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